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Opening the Computer Tower

While opening your computer tower is a pretty straightforward process, Falcon Trading Systems only recommends doing so while you’re on the phone with one of our Support Technicians (1-888-500-6786).

You’ll need only your hands and a Philips head screwdriver.

Step 1
To begin you’ll need to first unplug the powercord and all the other cables from the back of the computer.
Step 2
Turn the computer around so that you can clearly see the back where the connections are. From the back orientation you will just need to remove the screws for the right hand panel located 2-3 inches from the top and bottom of the case.
Since you’re probably working in the computer, you can now put the case on its side, this makes tampering inside much easier since you don’t need to worry about knocking the whole tower over or dropping screws into the PSU.
What is all this stuff? (Additional)
The inside can be a bit daunting, so let’s go through all the stuff you see there.

That big board in the back, that’s the Motherboard, it’s the part of the computer that all the other parts connect to and communicate through.

From there the big block of metal between your face and this Motherboard is the CPU cooler, this is the part that “surprisingly” cools your processor as it does all the work.(To get to the CPU, you’d need to remove this chunk)

To the right of that, still on the Motherboard, you’ll see a few vertical oriented “sticks” which are the DIMMs’ of memory(typically called RAM)

Even further right, away from the Motherboard, is where you’ll find your drives, the Disk drive, HDDs (Mechanical Hard Drives), and SSDs (Solid State Drives)

Looking below the CPU cooler, we’ve got the PCIe slots, The horizontal cards in these slots are usually your graphics/video cards. These let you hook up multiple monitors among other things.

And finally we address the box with most of the wires. This is the PSU (Power Supply Unit), it gives all the components power. The positioning of this is different from case to case but is usually above or below the Motherboard connected to the back of the case where you plug the power cable.

Updated on March 27, 2018

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