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(Legacy) Water Cooling System Care 52X

Water Cooling System Care

The water cooling system will incur microscopic leakage through the rubber material and connection joints of the system. However, no liquid leakage should ever be visible. To offset this slow leakage it will be necessary to add anti-freeze every six to twelve months through the top fill plug. Do this while the computer is running to prevent air bubbles. If the reservoir is completely empty, leave the computer off until reservoir is ¼ full. Recommended anti-freeze: Zerex 50/50 Red, Part #ZXEDRU1

Step 1: Remove side panel.

Remove the screws on the back of the computer holding the side panel in place (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Remove Side Panel Screws.

Step 2: Release water reservoir.

Once the side panel is off, toward the front of the chassis, you will see black buttons. Press the top two to release the water reservoir (See Figures 2a and 2b).

Figure 2a (above)                       Figure 2b (below)

Step 3: Accessing the fill port.

Reach into the chassis and push forward the reservoir (see Figure 3) until the fill port is in view and fully exposed (see Figure 4).

Figure 3 (above): Push reservoir forward.

Figure 4: Fill port location.

Step 4:  Filling the reservoir.

Use a flat head screw driver to open the fill port (see Figure 5).  Carefully fill with anti-freeze until nearly full (see Figure 6).  Warning: Do not overfill reservoir.

Figure 5: Opening fill port

Figure 6: Filling reservoir

Updated on March 15, 2019

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