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Update Flash Player and Java

Every so often you will be prompted to update your Java or Adobe Flash from a site or service that you use. This guide will show you how to safely and properly update Java and Flash. At all costs do not update a Java or Flash off of any website that is not Adobe.com or Java.com. Please follow the update path and steps below.

Update JavaUpdate Flash
Step 1
Click here to go get Java.
Step 2
Click on the “Free Java Download”.

Step 3
Click on “Free Java Download” then Download and launch.

Step 4
Confirm UAC by clicking “Yes”.

Step 5
Click “Install”. Make sure to uncheck any tag-along software if presented.

Step 6
If you have an old version or versions of Java present the Java update will ask to uninstall. Click “Uninstall”

Step 7
Click on “Next”

Step 8
Click on “Close”. Now you’re all up to date.

Step 1
Click here to go get Adobe Flash.
Step 2
Make sure to Uncheck any optional offers that they have then Click on “Install now”.

Step 3
Once Adobe Flash has been downloaded execute the file and if you have UAC enabled you will need to Click on Yes.

Step 4
Click “Next”.

Step 5
Then you’re done just Click “Finish”. Make sure to restart your browser by closing it down and re opening it.

Updated on December 19, 2017

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